Commissioner Ragazzo mandate renewed by the Senate

Commissioner Carlos Emmanuel Joppert Ragazzo had his mandate at CADE renewed by the Senate last July 7th. His mandate commenced August, 2008 and was to expire next month.

The proposed renewal is still pending of presidential approval. That is soon expected, under panalty of disrupting CADE's work.

CADE's minimum attendance is of five members (of seven in total) and besides Commissioner Ragazzo, Commissioners Olavo Zago Chinaglia and Vinícius Marques de Carvalho also had their mandates renewal proposed, but Senate has not yet had it voted.

If Chignalia and Carvalho's mandate is not renewed until August 08, when Carvalho's mandate expire, and president approval on Ragazzo's renewal does not come to that date, CADE will be short of 3 Commissioners, interrupting CADE's work due to lack of quorum.

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