Industrial gas industry once more among highlight's of CADE's Session

Two weeks after convicting companies and individuals in the industrial gas industry for collusion, CADE analysed petitions for clarification presented by the defendants and decided to review the nature of the interest applicable to the case. Compound interest has been replaced by simple interest. As a result, the total amount of the conviction decreased from R$ 2.9 billion to R$ 2.3 billion. It is still the highest total fine ever imposed by CADE.
in its website, CADE divulged the amounts to be paid by each company and by each individual. Fines imposed to companies were:
Air Products Brasil Ltda.: R$ 179,202,512.38
Air Liquide Brasil Ltda.: R$ 197,561,635.66
Linde Gases Ltda.: R$ 188,391,885.29
White Martins Gases Industriais Ltda.: R$ 1,758,545,326.50
Indústria Brasileira de Gases: R$ 6,708,631.21

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