Commissioner Ragazzo renewal approved

Commissioner Carlos Emmanuel Joppert Ragazzo had his mandate at CADE renewed by the Senate last July 7th. The presidential approval was published last July, 29.

In this sense, the lack of Commissioners Olavo Zago Chinaglia and Vinícius Marques de Carvalho mandates renewal, yet to be voted, will not cause a disruption to CADE's work next month.

If we are alright to August, November brings us new trouble. President Badin and Commissioner Cesar Mattos mandates are to expire as well and we have not had any news.

Cesar Mattos mandate is expected to be renewed, but President Badin has already decline the new mandate and no nomination to his spot has been made so far.

Because of the election period, there is talk about a deputy president chosen among the Commissioners is expected to be set until the end of the year. To see.

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