2011 Breaking News: Vinicius de Carvalho appointed as new Secretary of Economic Law (and other subjects)

Since this is the first post in the blog in 2011, Happy New Year, Readers and co-Bloggers!
The year began with Dilma Rousseff taking office as Brazil's new President. Dilma is the first woman to have this job in the Brazilian history. José Eduardo Cardozo, congressman (former lawyer) and Law professor has been appointed Minister of Justice and invited Vinicius Marques de Carvalho (currently one of CADE's Commissioners) as new Secretary of Economic Law (known as SDE). Carvalho accepted the offer, but he is not taking office before February. CADE currently has 5 members (the minimun quorum for decisions) and without Vinicius Carvalho the analysis of all cases would be immediately suspended. The antitrust community is now expecting for 3 new appointments that will be made by Dilma Rousseff to fullfill the vacant places at CADE, including CADE's President (CADE's Presidency is currently being occupied by Fernando Furlan). CADE's new members have to be approved by the Senate, after an official hearing before the Commission of Economic Matters.
Other fresh news from 2011 are upcoming. In the next days we will also include a few posts about December 2010's updates, pending publication.

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