Health Care Insurance Acquisiton Approved by CADE.

CADE has approved the acquisition of health care insurance companies "Planos de Saúde Integrais S.A.", "Assistência Médica São Paulo S.A." and "Orion Participação e Administração S.A." by Amil Assistência Médica Internacional Ltda last Wednesday - February 9th, 2011. The Counselors decided to follow the guidance of the National Health Insurance Agency ("ANS") over the territorial concept advocated by the Secretary of Economic Monitoring ("SEAE") in the analysis of the relevant market in the sectors of health care services providence and health insurance sales. The Counselors approved the transaction with a restriction of the non-competition clause for the next five years in markets operated by "Assistência Médica São Paulo S.A." and "Planos de Saúde Integrais".

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