Magazine Luiza acquisiton approved by CADE with restrictions

Magazine Luiza acquisition of FS Vasconcelos e Cia Ltda ("Lojas Maia") was approved by CADE with restrictions referring to the non-competition clause in the geographic dimension.

Magazine Luiza is one of the major retail and durable goods chain of stores in Brazil. It has 459 stores in seven states and also acts on e-commerce delivering products to the whole country. Lojas Maia has 133 stores in nine states.

The Secretariat of Economic Monitoring (SEAE) had released and opinion suggesting the approval of the transaction with restrictions on the non-competition clause to adequate it on the geographic feature, restricting the clause to some municipalities.

The Reporting Counselor voted on the same line as SEAE suggested to approve the operation with restrictions of the non-competition geographic clause to have municipal dimension and its validity only in cities in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Ceara, Maranhão, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Sergipe and Rio Grande do Norte.

All the other counselors agreed with the Reporting Counselor.

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